W!LiB! is an interactive psychological thriller about suicides with a touch of black humor. This is a story about a void in the soul, about search and loss of the life purpose in trying to save oneself and others. This is a life that can be lived your own way. For any life is beautiful... isn’t it?


Playing Wait! Life is Beautiful! is like watching a spine-tingling film or TV show where the viewer is in the main character’s tense mental state. The story revolves around a young man, an ordinary office clerk. He’s an everyman, not a hero or a wizard. As we watch him, we lose ourselves in his emotional state. He’s exhausted by the monotony of life and hounded by thoughts about the meaninglessness of existence. He starts wanting to change something, to find new meaning — in compassion, empathy, and trying to help others. While trying to enter into a dialog with potential suicide victims, we investigate their problems and carefully choose the right words. It isn’t easy, since the main character tends to hide his fear of difficult subjects with black humor and an ironic attitude toward the world around him. It’s a defense mechanism. In light of the stress of hearing these people’s stories and his pity for the departed, the main character experiences gruesome psychedelic dreams that give rise to the sensation of an approaching mental breakdown and the protagonist’s fear of it.




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